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COXFLOR counts with a platform and infrastructure of production of the highest level, for the best handling of flowers production.

We centralize our operations in the Rancho Colorado, where is located our post-harvest modern warehouse of 60,000 square feet, and our cooler space of 150,000 cubic feet, which guarantee the quality and freshness of our flowers.

We are the only company in Mexico and Latin America that bets to the technological advances for the production processes and post-harvests of the modern floriculture.
We have very modern flower grading machines with Dutch technology such as ROSEMATIC and FLORAFLEX, assuring a strict classification and handling.

Our green houses use the highest technology since we are concerned about the rational use of our resources and bet to the productivity of our soils. COXFLOR, counts with the most modern green houses and they are adapted to produce diverse flower types of the highest quality.
We are beginning our new project of computerized green houses for the climate handling, irrigation and controlled fertilization to produce the flowers with the best quality at any time of the year.
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